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PRESENTATION SP-Designer is an open source program providing a user friendly tool for the design of specific PCR primer pairs from a DNA sequence alignment containing sequences from various taxa. SP Designer object is to select PCR primer pairs that amplify the DNA of a target species based on various criteria:

(i) their specificity based on the inter-specific sequence polymorphism in the annealing regions,
(ii) their biochemical characteristics
(iii) the desired PCR conditions.

SP Designer outputs tables detailing the primer pair and PCR characteristics, as well as a FASTA file locating the primer sequences in the original sequence alignment.
NOTICE SP-Designer (Specific Primer Designer) is a specific primer pairs designer. It is able to design primer pairs for a species or more generally for a sequence group.

This is free English software, designed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

SP Designer was developed by P. Villard in collaboration with the BPI team of the institute INRA Sophia-Antipolis (France), especially with T. Malausa.

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